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Tails wins!

Posted by comet97 - July 8th, 2011

well most of the votes was on tails so i guess tails win the next fight is silver vs sonic i will post it some other time today oh and i didnt write this today but they are only in there normal forms

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Silver would most likely as long as Sonic does not get any emeralds


Shut up Mikik! hmmm Silver vs Sonic well Silver would beat Sonic in his usual form but if Sonic turns Super Then Sonic'll win but if Silver turns Super Silver wins but if Sonic turns Hyper then Sonic wins. So I'll have to say Sonic also because he's faster!

ok thanks

Silver advantages/disadvantages: Though he does not have Universal-class speed, he does have psychic abilities. Most likely, he would throw something at Sonic. If that is too slow, Silver can just tele grab Sonic and throw him into a river (Sonic HATES water). If Silver goes Super, he can catch up to Sonic with a flurry of powerful telekinetics. However, psychic abilities take a big strain, and Silver can get exhausted much faster than Sonic. Sonic can also use Quick Attack from BlackDevilX's Final Fantasy/X/Super Sonic part 6 game. Using this, it is impossible for Silver to hit him.

Sonic advantages/disadvantages: Other than the "OBVIOUS," Sonic can easily dodge Silver's levitating objects. However, Sonic does not have much "punch." Also, Sonic does not have any sort of ranged attack. He can launch himself, but if he misses, he can bump into a hazards, or Silver will throw one at Sonic as he is recovering. When going into Super, Sonic can easily destroy Silver, but Sonic wont have a lot of rings once its over. Sonic would also waste most of the transformation on dodging Silver's strikes and props.

A little report to ease up the choices. =3

Oh, and Mikik, if you dont like Tails, you dont need to say it aloud. We dont want to hear it, and you gain nothing from telling it. Besides, usually ppl who say others are something are usually described that way too.