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Alright then

Posted by comet97 - August 5th, 2011

I have solved the problem it was not macromedia it was my file i had it in it isnt working so i cannot finish it that is why i started a new one sonic vs mario but i will show you guys a test flash that i will make sometime today i will edit this news post ive got so many sound effects i will be happy to share them with you guys dont worry they are for mp3 here they are if you want to make a animation http://www.kyutwo.com/downloads/sfx/an ime/dbz/ still i will just add a test to show you guys that i am still working on it but i wont be making a movie any time soon i will wait until i get better that is my but if i do make a movie soon it will only have three episodes all of my friends would be in it and i will need one more download macromedia fireworks 8

Comments (6)

Gah! Use something other than the Dragonball Z sound fffects. Everyone uses those in sprite flashes. Go check out StickPage. I think they have a sound effects pack made especially for fight flashes.

not to be mean but have you forgotten the fact that most animators use theese

Yeah. I heard alot of DBZ sound effects in flashes


dude it's better to use paint not fireworks

yea im using paint

if people hate dbz sounds then they should turn there mic off

i know right

This is the second time you have submitted a recolored sprite. it too has been reported

but i did not submit it to the portal

tal9x9: MS Paint? Better than Fireworks? Hah! That's a baseless opinion if I've ever heard one.

And turning your microphone off so you don't have to hear crappy sound effects is a terrible solution. If you don't want people to complain about sound effects, that means you need to use different sound effects.